I’d have to say this is one of my favorite chicken breeds. My mother was a “sun worshiper” in the sense that she loved being outside in it, and when she’d walk around the coop, she would always point out my Welsummers, saying how that ring of sun around their necks was just so beautiful. Everytime I see them pecking and scratching around, I just can’t help but smile. Not to mention they are friendly, top rated free range foragers that lay beautiful dark and deep reddish brown and sometimes speckled eggs.

Attributes / Features:

  • Bright red medium size single comb with five evenly serrated points, longer in the middle then the ends.
  • Bright red wattles are moderately long and well rounded.
  • Bright red ear lobes are in enlongated ovals of medium size.
  • LC status – not applicable