The Svarthöna originated in Mozambique and made its way to Sweden in the 1800s. There it received its sur name the Swedish Black Hen. In 2012, this black beauty came to the US. The beaks, eyes, skin, and tongue get their black coloring from their unique ‘fibro’ genes. This breed is small compared to their larger cousin the Ayam Cemani. Due to their small size, when free ranging, they are known to escape danger by perching high in trees. With less that 500 existing in Sweden today, it’s known as the one of the rarest in the world. Meet your new best friend.

Attributes / Features

  • Egg Color: Ivory
  • Lay Rate: 250 Eggs
  • Color: Black
  • Clean Legged
  • Cold Hardy
  • Single Comb
  • Needs to roam to keeps them happy:)