4 thoughts on “Born today more Charming Southern Chicks!

  1. I live here in Roebuck. Just got a bunch of 3 day old hens, but I’m looking to buy a rooster. My sister needs one too. Do you happen to sell just a few at a time? I want a roo about the same age as they are, to grow up together. Are you able to sex any of your chicks? Not necessarily looking for a specific breed, just a roo to round up the girls and watch out for them.


    1. Hey LeAnn! Yes we do. We also do our best to sex the chicks but that’s a learned skill and we try. I’ve pulled 2 chicks that are possibly roosters. Worse case scenario is they turn out to be hens and we’ll take her back and trade you for a rooster. $5each When would you want to come pick them up?


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